24 Carrots Easter Farmer’s Market

One of the things that we here at MFB love is a good Farmers Market and one of the best in the region is 24 Carrots, the Jewellery Quarter’s Farmers Market. 24 Carrots was set up in July 2009 by local residents and has been going strong ever since. I try to visit the market when I can and last month, I took my Other Half there for the first time.

Our first stop was The Parson’s Nose where we picked up breakfast – the best sausage sandwich I have ever tasted, some sausages to take home (we had sausages and mash the next day) and some lovely fresh eggs.

Our next stop was Friend of MFB’s stall, Squisito Deli with their wonderful range of fresh breads, olives, sausages, herbs and they even sold fresh yeast which is quite hard to get round here. Our bags were heavily laden by this point and we had only visited two stalls.

Our next stop was Kiss Me Cupcakes, another Friend of MFB’s. They were launching new lavender and lemon cupcakes with leftover lavender from Beans and Leaves. I greedily left this stall with 6 cupcakes (naughty me!!!!)

We next went to Beans and Leaves where I picked up some decaffeinated coffee.  From there we went to Vee’s Deli where we got some pickled onions and some hot chilli pickle.  Our last stop was the Two Towers Brewery where my Other Half picked up a couple of bottles of beer.

We left the market very happy with lots of heavy bags and headed into Birmingham city centre to do some more shopping.  The next 24 Carrots in next Saturday 21st May outside The Big Peg, Warstone Lane, B18 6NA. Louise of Comida Y Vida and I will be there, so if you see us, please say hello! The dates for rest of the markets in 2011 are here:  24Carrots2011Calendar. We hope to see you there soon 🙂

By Jo of Jo’s Kitchen


3 responses to “24 Carrots Easter Farmer’s Market

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  2. It sounds like a great market. I must try to get there.

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