Selfridges Birmingham Launch Mr Trotter’s


Launching exclusively at Selfridges Mr Trotter’s Great British Pork Crackling is the brainchild of food writers Tom Parker Bowles and Matthew Fort, with the help of Cotswold farmer, Rupert Ponsonby.

Guardian food writer Matthew Fort and Tom Parker Bowles will be in Selfridges Birmingham on Saturday 12th November, 2011, from 12 until 3pm, hosting tasting sessions of the new snack.

The trio’s dream was to create a new interpretation of the scratching made from 100% outdoor bred British pigs.

Tom Parker Bowles said: “We’ve long been pork scratchings fanatics, seeing them as a Titan among snacks. But nearly every pork scratching sold in Britain is made with Danish rind. This seemed mad. We wanted to support British farming so started to look around for a means of making our own, from British pigs. Sadly, though, our technical knowhow was no match for our passion for scratchings.

“Enter Graham Jebb and his team at RayGray snacks in the West Midlands, true masters of their art. Once they’d decided to work with us, Graham developed a slow cooking process which seems to have an amazing effect on British rind, reducing the fat content and vastly increasing Mr Trotter’s signature crunch. Of course, we’re not claiming that these are a ‘health product’. But we have removed the monosodium glutamate, and use sea salt and special seasoning instead. The result is a revolutionary crackling with both crunch and punch.”

Ewan Venters, director of Selfridges Food, said: “We try to encourage unique British products like Tom and Matthew’s at Selfridges because we are keen to support British farming in general. We hope our customers enjoy this delicious new snack and come to meet the brains behind the project on 12th November.”

Cooked by hand in small batches using a new process, Mr Trotter’s Great British Pork Crackling delivers a crispier crunch. Available exclusively in Selfridges stores nationwide on 10th November until 31st December, 2011 and then available in delicatessens, farm shops, garden centres and pubs from 2012.

Available Selfridges Birmingham from 10th November 2011 at £1.89 per pack.

So if you’re in Birmingham tomorrow pop in for some British pork and to see the celebrity chefs! 


One response to “Selfridges Birmingham Launch Mr Trotter’s

  1. “We try to encourage unique British products like Tom and Matthew’s at Selfridges” – Unique? What about the artisan Awfully Posh pork crackling product that launched in Selfridges months before Mr Trotters was even conceived? #jumpingonthebandwagon

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