From the Midlands to Andalucia – Journey of a foodie

Today we have a guest post from outside the Midlands … all the way from sunny Spain (well I always imagine it to be sunnier than here!) and Lynsey of La Rosilla with her story of how she came to run a Supperclub in the Andalucian mountains. 

Although some 1500 miles away, in the ‘Montes de Malaga’ in the Axarquia, Andalucia, Spain my ‘foodie’ beginnings were born in the Midlands, growing up in a small Warwickshire village & then later once married and offspring came along, we happily re-located to a village outside the wonderful Stratford-upon-Avon. Entertaining, experimenting, hosting and exploring all things culinary became a passion and hobby, that I have now finally after many years had the courage to share with others.


After cooking in a local restaurant, I decided I would go it alone, but with a different style. Supperclubs started sweeping the U.K, but had not yet reached Spanish soil, so I took the plunge and opened La Rosilla , well my terrace, to small groups of like minded food worshippers.

Don’t get me wrong there are many wonderful places to eat and feast here in Andalucia, but up in the Montes they are sporadic, and many with menus offering everything as-long as it is ‘Pig n Chips’. Home cooked dishes, wonderful recipes often staying just that, in the home, and not offered so freely to those wanting to discover the real taste of Spain.

So with Happy hens, a full veggie patch, a terrace with a view to die for, and an eye to entertain in style, I took the plunge. I make everything from scratch, always served with Hot home-baked bread, home grown salad, welcome drink and ‘Foo Fah’ (my name for an amuse bouche) & then 3 delicious courses of food in season.

I’ve had the odd challenge, power cut in the middle of service, a torrential storm, (the terrace is covered by a vine only) , guest turning up thinking it was a party..But all in all only, positive experiences have been gained. I don’t think I’ll make my fortunate, but word is spreading, and for our family who are all involved, No 1 daughter dances and entertains guests, No 3 daughter keeps the dogs quiet, no 3 son eats the leftovers and OH is a great pot washer 😉 it keeps us on our toes, and allows us to experiment & enjoy.

Buen Provecho.

Many thanks to Lynsey for sharing her story and if you ever end up in that part of Spain check out her Supperclubs, gourmet tours and cooking courses here. In the meantime, she shares lots of wonderful spanish recipes and much more on her blog.

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